About us

Our PremiumSeeds brand was created for home gardeners and amateur growers, but first and foremost for professional buyers from the farming industry. We produce vegetable, flower, herb, and sprouting seeds. All efforts of our team focus on delivering premium quality seeds that will satisfy needs of even most demanding Customers. We offer both traditional, proven, heirloom varieties and novelties.

We are a seed producer who puts responsibility first. Our wholesale branch supplies vegetable and flower seeds all across Europe, with Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Ireland, Spain, Hungary, Czechia, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Portugal, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Greece, and Slovenia all belonging to our priority markets.

PremiumSeeds seed producer cooperates with many recognized research centres what allows us to focus on the highest satisfaction of our Customers. Numerous awards and customer praise coming from all over Europe are the best proof of that. Love for plants, mutual trust, and putting customer requirements first are the main reasons for our success.

PremiumSeeds, a manufacturer of packaged seeds, works in harmony with nature, always as eco-friendly as possible.

All batches of our products undergo multi-stage testing procedure. We regularly sow our seeds on test fields, check their germinability, purity, and humidity. We are fully aware that effectively germinating, healthy seeds are the key to success on the gardening market. Not a single packet of seeds could leave our wholesale warehouse without meeting strict quality norms.

We conduct our tests according to the International Seed Testing Association guidelines. Apart from that, our seeds are subject to regular tests and checks performed by the Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection. We definitely belong to the best vegetable seed manufacturers in Europe. We would be happy to speak to all businesses from the gardening and agricultural industries who are interested in a wholesale offering of seeds of most stunning plants at competitive prices.

Seed trading permit no. 14/65/20859 granted by the Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection.


Phone number: +48 22 299 38 48

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