Thyme seeds

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  • Herb selection – Italian herbs

    A selection of herbs typical for the Italian cuisine. Use it fresh or dried. This aromatic herb mix allows to season soups, meat, and vegetables.

    Herb selection – Italian herbs – seeds

    Seeding depth: 0,5 – 1 cm
    Seeding time in greenhouses: March
    Seeding time outdoors: April – May
    Planting time of seedlings outdoors: May
    Spacing: 30 x 20 cm
    Harvesting period: July – September

    One package contains 1 g of seeds.

  • Thyme

    A perennial that grows to 20 to 40 cm tall. It is a herb, as well as a medicinal and melliferous plant. Both the fresh and dried greens have an intense aroma and a bitter, slightly savoury taste. Add them to stewed meat, vegetables, game and cheese.

    Thyme – seeds

    Seeding depth: 0,5 cm
    Seeding time outdoors: April – May
    Spacing: 20 x 15 cm
    Harvesting period: May – August

    One package contains 0,3 g of seeds.

  • Thyme Creeping

    A perennial plant that forms tufts, 15 to 20 cm tall. It has tiny, pink-purple, aromatic flowers. This melliferous, groundcover plant is recommended for rock gardens, borders, edgings, walls and embankments.

    Thyme Creeping – seeds

    Seeding depth: 0,5 cm
    Seeding time outdoors: April – June
    Spacing:15 x 20 cm
    Flowering period: June – September

    One package contains 0,1 g of seeds.