Bean Seeds

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  • Broad Bean Dragon

    A very early, productive variety. Compact plants grow 100 to 120 centimetres tall. 3 to 5 pale, creamy-white, large, and delicious seeds per pod. To be consumed after the harvest, for freezing and making preserves.

    Broad Bean Dragon – seeds

    Seeding depth: 4 – 6 cm
    Seeding time outdoors: March – April
    Spacing: 30-25 x 25 cm
    Harvesting period: June – August

    One package contains 50 grams of seeds.

  • Cowpea

    An annual trailing plant; requires supports. Produces thin, green, up to 100 centimetres long pods that are tender and sweet. Can be cooked as vegetable spaghetti; suitable for freezing and making preserves.

    Cowpea – seeds

    Seeding depth: 1 – 2 cm
    Seeding time in greenhouses: April – May
    Seeding time outdoors: May – June
    Planting time of seedlings outdoors: May
    Spacing: 60-80 x 40 cm
    Harvesting period: July – October

    One package contains 10 grams of seeds.