Arugula, Rocket Seeds

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  • Rocket

    An annual plant that grows to 20 to 50 cm tall. It develops elongated, dark green leaves gathered in rosettes. Its distinct taste is slightly spicy. It is suitable for salads and sandwiches. It can be used instead of chives when finely chopped.

    Rocket – seeds

    Seeding depth: 1 – 1,5 cm
    Seeding time outdoors: April – September
    Spacing: 15 x 25 cm
    Harvesting period: May – September

    One package contains 0,5 grams of seeds.

  • Wild Rocket

    A perennial plant that forms dense rosettes. These rosettes consist of feathery, green, vitamin-rich leaves with a slightly savoury taste. Perfect for salads and sandwiches and as a dish decoration. It can also be served steamed or blanched.

    Wild Rocket – seeds

    Seeding depth: 1-1,5 cm
    Seeding time outdoors: April – June
    Spacing: 20-30 x 5 cm
    Harvesting period: May – October

    One package contains 0,5 gram of seeds.